The founding of Madeira Corporate Services, S.A. (MCS) dates back to 1995. Today, MCS is one of the leading management firms in Madeira. As a result of its position in the market, the quality of the services it has been providing for over a decade and full compliance with business ethics, MCS was recently awarded the Merit Certificate by the Concessionaire of the International Business Centre of Madeira, SDM - Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira, SA.

MCS has always understood the absolute need for continuous legal assistance to our clients for operations carried out through our company. This legal assistance was from the very start entrusted to the Portuguese law firm: Teixeira de Freitas, Rodrigues e Associados (, our associated law firm based in Lisbon, which also has offices in Madeira and is highly focused on IBCM related matters.

This advantage, essential in a sophisticated jurisdiction like Madeira, has placed us in great demand by reputable international clients and has resulted in the high standard of clients that we have today. They range from international groups and companies to international banking institutions. Likewise, the accounting services used by MCS have also been entrusted to one of the group’s companies based in Lisbon: mCorporate, Contabilidade e Assessoria Empresarial, Lda (